Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn Along - The Lonely Tree Shawl

So far, this Yarn Along thing is super great. I feel a little extra kick in my knitting everyday. My thinking being along the lines of "Hey, I don't want to be working on this same project next Yarn Along, I had better hurry this knitting up a wee bit." And then there's the fun of taking pretty pictures when you've finished something! Papa was kind enough to bear with my fiddling with manual settings before and after each picture he took of me with the beautiful Lonely Tree Shawl.

I also finished reading The Hobbit! and have the dwarves song stuck in my head most days...
I really like wearing this shawl around my neck. It's soft and light enough to not choke a person, but warm enough to keep me warm when the wind blows chilly.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Critter's Breakfast on a Sunny, but Cool, Winter Morn

Papa - "Why did the sheep get a traffic ticket?"
Barnaby - "I dunno."
Papa - "Because she did an illegal 'ewe' turn!"

I can't tell if Barnaby is laughing
trying to get away from the really bad joke.

Dodge is working on an interesting hair-do. Going through one of those 'teenager' phases where he's got to have enough fluff in his eyes to do the Bieber flip. 

 Papa and I load up in the gator with warm water to help break any ice in the water buckets. Then we drive to one of many haystacks Papa put up over the summer to grab armfuls of green and golden hay for the critter's breakfast.


Clive - "Hay. Please sir, I want some more."

"He said no. How can anybody say 'no' to this face?"

Annabelle - "I'm queen of the breakfast hay!"

Clive - "Here, let me help you with that breakfast crown."


Melted snow and rain make excellent puddles for my fancy boots to splash around. 

And you thought gloves were for keeping hay out...