Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year, A New Thing - Yarn Along

I LOVE reading farm blogs. It's my one weakness. And, every time that I read through these wonderful blogs, I give myself a pep talk about how I need to do a better job of keeping up with our blog. 
So, in reading one of my favs, I noticed that some people are doing this "Yarn Along" thing. Basically, you take a picture of your current knitting project, and a bonus is also sharing the book that you're reading at the time. I thought with a New Year, I could try a new thing to help me keep up with our blog better. So here goes a resolution that I HAVE to keep up with, because you all will nag me until I do, right?


I'm nearly finished with The Lonely Tree Shawl. I bought this beautiful yarn from Kit at the Woolfest in Falmouth, Kentucky last year. It's an uber soft blend of merino and silk, and so beautifully dyed!
And I'm at the most exciting part of The Hobbit, where Bilbo and Smaug talk in riddles to each other, and though I know the end of the story, it still sends shivers down my spine!

I'd Rather Waltz Than Just Walk Through the Forest

New Year's Eve the sky was breathtaking. How awesome is our God!

For a few years now, our family has begun a tradition of vacationing the weekend after Christmas. Our favorite haunt being the lovely little cabins in Carter Caves, Kentucky. The drive's not too far, but far enough to feel like we're leaving town. We're so blessed to have sweet neighbors to check on the critters for a few days, and sweet church family to check on Uncle Jerry & Aunt Ruth. 
The drive down was rather uneventful, excepting the rain, sleet, ice, and snow on winding roads.

The cabin is always cozy and warm. It's fun taking a break from routine, sleeping in every morning, eating junk food whenever I feel like it, etc. 
The second day, Josh and I decided with the sun out, we'd brave the great outdoors and go hiking on one of the many beautiful trails nearby. I brought my hiking boots; Josh did not bring 'hiking' boots, rather his cool guy boots with zero tread. I did a lot of giggling on those trails. 

Folks would carve their initials in larger trees on the trails.

"What are these?"

"Where did they come from?"

"I love you sweet icicles!"

ok. Josh. let's move on now.

The Fern Bridge all iced over.