Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello Spring. Are You There? We're Waiting.

Annabelle says 'hello.' 

Annabelle says that she'll let you in on her little secret. "Little Lambies are on the way!"  

Yesterday, I opened the barn door with arms full of hay and a can of sweet feed. I love the mad rush of four hungry ewes! I can never feed them fast enough. :) While they're eating, I usually check out Aliyah and Annabelle. Hoping to get some sort of sign that Barnaby did his job in November. Both the girls have been acting, well, not quite their usual selves, but the real sign of pregnancy in sheep is the milk bag. The swollen bag of sweet nutritious milk means that there are little lambs on the way. Well, I've been looking for a while, and finally yesterday, I seen 'em! Both Aliyah and Annabelle have lambs on the way! I am so excited; I can hardly stand it!
I was even more joyous this afternoon, when we got a call from Bill Haudenschield, our sheep shearer, that he and his good friend Gavin were on their way to shear our flock. :) Now we can really see just how pregnant those ewes are!
We were so blessed by their coming. They were so very kind, encouraging and helpful. Gavin even let me try my hand at shearing! And helped me through shearing a wee bit of Cora's back. He was extremely gracious and told me what a great job I did, even though I, as a spinner, was cringing inside at the many second cuts that I made in one fell swoop. So, it's been an exciting couple of days on the farm. Come back soon to see the lambs! 
Aliyah wants some of that green grass to grow on her side of the fence. 

Gavin shearing a very fluffy, and very pregnant, Aliyah. 

Gavin and Bill shearing in the barn.