Wednesday, September 18, 2013

while sheep safely graze

The sun is always so pretty right after dinner these days. Days are starting to get shorter. A sign that fall is nearly here, and winter will soon follow. 

Cora loves these 'picture visits.' She's a bit of a camera "hog," for a sheep that is.
Clara, on the other hand, is quite sheepish about these visits. Every time I manage to get the camera in focus on her beautiful face, she up and turns around. Thus, I have multiple 'Clara butt pictures' to delete.
This one I kept, because she does have pretty curls, even on her back end. :)

Dodge never wanders too far from his mama, Annabelle.
My sweet Aliyah, basking in warm sunshine.

It looks like some sheep have been here...

 It's so fun to take pictures of Cora. She stands there pretty patiently, nibbling on bits of green grass.

Cora lashes.

A wee sheep just can't help but grin too.