Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our First Strawberry Harvest

Our first strawberry harvest this year.
We're excited to maybe have enough for a batch or two of jam?

Heads of wheat swaying in the breeze of the coming storm. 

A hard at work farmer. 

Another coming storm...

Dodge looking so sweet.

Dodge, my handsome little guy. :)

A Spring Rain

Yesterday morning, Papa went out to start feedin' critters.
He told me to grab my camera. "A storm's a comin'," he said. 

Such lovely dark grey clouds came rolling in from the south. 

A happy farmer. 

Blackberries to come...

The bees thought about swarming. Maybe the rain made them change their minds.

Mama's flower garden is lovely this time of year, such full blooms.

Barnaby, gettin' a mouthful.

Asher, gettin' a mouthful.

Asher considers honeysuckle to be a real delicacy.
As he shoves handfuls in his mouth and rubs his whole head in his food.    

Clive is getting a bit gray. He's not quite a man yet...


We only have two little robins left in the nest. Three grew up and flew away.
These last two are still being well looked after by a protective mama robin, who was sqwakking  with all her might while I was standing and watching her babies. 

Wee strawberries growing in a broken pot. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

KY Sheep and Fiber Festival

Day 1 of KY Sheep and Fiber Festival:

But, even though it was rainy, Mama and I were happy to be there! 
The sun came out! The lollipops were a huge hit with the kiddos!
Fluffy goodness was not soaked = One happy shepherdess
ewefluffyewe shared a space with A Yarn Well Spun

A Yarn Well Spun

Luna, from Tanglewood Farm was across from us.
She looked so cool, calm, and collected.
You know that you're crazy about sheep when you try to emulate them. 
Day 2 of Festival:


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