Friday, April 5, 2013

What Comes After Jumbo?

Papa brought the eggs in this morning. One egg stood out a bit more than the others...
We weighed it. 
4.15 ounces.
Extra jumbo eggs that you buy in the store weigh ~ 2.75 ounces.

Maybe one of the girls wants to be an ostrich. 

A Few Lamb Pictures


Annabelle is trying to teach the boys how to eat hay. Properly.



Aliyah's turn is coming. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Annabelle's First Lambs

A smiley little Digory.

Annabelle was acting a little strange that morning. She mostly stayed in the barn. It's very unusual for her to not go out with the other ewes and get her fair share of spring's fresh green grass. She started having contractions where she would pace in the barn and paw at the ground and grind her teeth. I was in the house, and heard a strange noise over the lamb'ie' speaker. (You know that you're a serious shepherdess when you buy a baby monitor for the barn.) I heard a clicking/licking noise that was totally unfamiliar to me, since this is my first lambing season too. :) I ran out to the barn, rounded the corner to find Annabelle had discharged the first sac of water, sorta like a pregnant woman's water breaking. It was not long after that, she began pushing. She laid down on her bed of fresh straw and then got back up. It was so neat to witness such a miracle. Only God can make a lamb. Digory came out at 1:30pm weighing 13 pounds. 

Annabelle wasted no time getting right down to mothering. She cleaned Digory up. Licking him ALL over so diligently. She is a good mama.

Digory tries to stand.
Digory stands up for the first time! 


Not long after Digory started to get settled, Annabelle started acting strangely again. 
She had another ram lamb! Dodge came out kicking! He was born at 3:15pm weighing a whopping 15 pounds! 

Digory came over to make sure his kid brother is ok.
Digory is trying to figure out where the food is. 
Takin' it easy.
 I used these blue rags to wipe my hands off after the boys were born.
They were great blankets for our little guys.
We have some heat lamps to help keep to little fellas warm,
thus the reddish glow in the later pictures.

Both boys are doing well. Annabelle is a very good mama. The boys are nursing well. And growing. I am beginning to believe that they will be built quite muscular and solid like their papa, Barnaby.
We are enjoying seeing some happy bouncing lambs in the backyard. 
Come on out if you can and enjoy a visit! :)