Monday, July 15, 2013

A Tale of Seven Blind Mice

We've had a pleasant surprise here on the farm. We started setting out some birdseed this past year and have greatly enjoyed the huge variety of birds in our area. The neat surprise is that our birds dropped some seeds and now we have a small crop of huge sunflowers! They're so cheery. 

 Also, our grapes seem to be doing well this year! We can hardly wait to try them! 

Papa has been busy 'scything' his sunny days away. He does get excited about his hay. And why not?! When it is so beautiful and very much needed on a farm filled with hay munching critters! This stuff is particularly rich and it's nice to save money by cutting our own hay. 

 Papa helped me clean out the barn the other day. This was no ordinary mucking out of the barn, but a scraping and pressure treating of the barn floor. We are currently waiting for the floor to dry out so that we can put some more waterproofing sealer on the floor. Anyway back to the picture. In the process of cleaning out every piece of straw in the barn, I was startled by a nest of baby mice. They're so ugly, yet cute. Since I had flooded their nest, I scooped them all up and put them outside of the barn. Not to worry, their mama found them and has moved them to a safe place. 

 Before they were returned to a safe place, I ran them up to show the neighbor kids, and make their mother nearly vomit.