Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Silly Sheeps

The sheep have been a wee bit ornery of late. I really can't blame them too much; they're only doing what sheep love to do. eat. But, in so doing, they've figured out that the fence doesn't work. We use an electric fence which usually works very well for us and what we want to do here on our farm. except during the winter time. The electric fence is movable, solar or battery operated, more intended to keep bad critters out, but generally does well at keeping critters in the fence. In the winter time, we ration the critters hay, which they 'HAY'te. They feel that their entitled to all the food they want. Lucky for us they recognize the sound of food in the metal cans that we jiggle over our heads to lead them to where they're supposed to go. Anyway, the fence works best when there is no snow shorting out the bottom part of the fence or 20 mph winds blowing the fence over. :)
Lucky for us the sheep are pretty good when there is food involved. 
Where one sheep goes, the others soon follow...

The fence is all askew, but the sheep go where the can goes...

Digory really wants the can.

A good shepherd leads his flock to safety.

"I think we've been had fellas."
 Sorry silly sheeps. Though the grass be greener on the other side; you're not entitled to eat it all.