Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing, Gathering, & Farming in General

The NeCamp Farm is taking a wee sabbatical from chicken herding. We have been making a few changes 'round these here parts. We're keeping a small flock just for us, but no more Friday mornings of washing dozens of eggs 'till my fingers are super raisin'y'. and smelly.  

Papa harvested our small plot of wheat. We've been waiting for some odd weeks for the wheat berries to be crunchy not milky. A truly golden sea in our very own yard. There's something old fashioned and sweet about growing wheat. Like my inner 'Laura Ingalls' spilling with farm'y' delight. 

Papa bundled our wheat into tidy little bundles.  

I decided the wheat would be an excellent location for showing off my new apron. Our church is having summer sewing classes this summer and so I was delving into our scrap bag. A Is for Apron was the inspiration behind this one. Aprons can be addicting. to wear. to sew. 

The towel loop is a huge addition to the apron.
I have been known to steal towels from the kitchen like security blankies.