Monday, September 29, 2014

Annabelle's Lambs 2014 "the year of 'e'"

Annabelle is such a good mama sheep. She has your textbook delivery, textbook mothering skills,...she's just great. Not to be outdone by Aliyah, our sweet Annabelles gave us triplets too. 
Late in the evening, precisely during the NCAA Kentucky Wildcats defeating the Wisconsin Badgers game. Not cool Annabelles. I made a note to tell the ewes about KY basketball games before lambing season, so that we could schedule labor and delivery around important games.
She gave us a beautiful white ewe lamb, Eppie.
A black ram lamb with white speckles on his ears and nose, Edmund.
And, I thought she was done, but one hour later, out came little Enoch ram lamb all enclosed in his birthing sack. He was black and white spots all over!
Annabelle is very protective of her lambs and though she appreciated my help, let me know early on that I could go ahead and watch KY basketball, she got this. :)

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